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App Development Axiata Annual Report App


We always hope to help brands go digital; we are a digital advertising agency after all. So in that sense, when we got news that Axiata Group Berhad - one of the largest telecommunications company with subsidiaries and associates that operate in 7 countries all around Asia- had their eyes set on digitizing their annual report, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this process.

Simply put, an annual report in the form of a thick book is not exactly captivating to stakeholders. It's more of a have-to-read as opposed to a want-to-read. But an annual report that is digitalized in the form of a website or an app is much more pleasing to the eye. Which is exactly what we did.

The objectives behind this project are pretty straightforward; it's a convenient way for stakeholders to access the reports from the comfort of their laptop, tablet and/or smartphone, as and when they please. It is also a paperless solution for the brand when they digitize their annual reports. And of course the big one is the reach. With the website and app, the brand is now pushing itself to the public, inviting more people to learn about it's financial stability and business units.

It took the team approximately 2 months to complete the development of the app and website and input of the content. Both forms of the report include animation, interactive graphs and charts for users to click on and learn more as opposed to stagnant facts and figures. Don't get the picture? Well basically, imagine scrolling through pages of an e-book. Just scrolling would seem kind of boring right? Now imagine scrolling, then in comes the swooshing of designs and content; Graphs that take you from one bar to the other with clever animation, so you can see the actual flow of things. Pie charts that spin open and capture your attention. All these elements were put together for the soul purpose of adding the excitement to a corporate report. What was once a have-to-read is now a big blinking look-at-me report.

If you're intrigued by this and want to experience it for yourselves, the app is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store and the website is available for viewing here.


Give it go, and let us know!


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