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Virality is key in social media marketing. Making you feel like part of something big and important is another. We understand that, and have employed both strategies in the Domino’s Pizza Claim This Offer campaign. In this campaign, Facebook fans were teased with a visual of thousands of empty grids. As each grid was clicked on – or in our terms, claimed – it would slowly reveal a complete visual. But there was a catch; each fan was only entitled to 1 grid. Which leads to virality. In order for all grids to be claimed, fans had to invite their friends to claim a grid as well. When the complete visual was finally uncovered, a special coupon code for a Domino’s offer awaited.

Claim This Offer not only created buzz and increased fan engagement; it also managed to stand out as a campaign that was unique in its concept and mechanics. It kept fans constantly guessing, and ran for 3 rounds with 3 different offers – which translates to over 3,000 grids claimed within the campaign period of a week. That’s 3,000 clicks from 3,000 fans!


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