Digital Strategy

You see Facebook; we see a digital solutions field with infinite potential. Our Digital Media Strategists are master campaigners of the battlefield that is social media.

With careful strategy and informed planning, they know exactly how to reach and engage the customer base your brand deserves

Content Writing

Our writers entice with words. Crafting the perfect copy is essential to get attention from your customers - and we'll market your brand with the right script, the right tone and the right idea. With us, every word is a selling point.

Design & Illustration

They say pictures speak a thousand words. We say our designers make them speak millions.

The visionaries who work our studios design and illustrate visuals that perfectly complement the copy that accompanies them. Watch your brand come to vivid life.

Web & Multimedia

From JAVA to HTML to MySQL, we have the right expertise to work the right platforms. Our developers collect every visual, every word, every idea, and promote them LIVE to websites, Facebook tabs, and many more.

Video & Broadcast

With a passionate group of videographers and editors who work in an in-house studio, we waste no time in catering to every single of your filming needs - be it creating TVCs, YouTube videos and coverage of events. Reeled in yet?


We have talented people that are programmed to deliver results. Our developers create websites, web applications, mobile applications and so much more that address and promote your brand according to the latest trends. Isn't it about time you went mobile?

Digital Advertising

When we say we speak the language of the future, we aren't kidding. Advertising has finally reached the digital world and nobody controls the tides better than Twitterjaya. A leader of the digital solution era, we bow to no one when it comes to advertising in websites, social media and other digital platforms.

Let's. Get. Socialized.

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